How to decorate your Pooja Room

how to decorate your pooja room

When you talk about how to decorate your  Pooja room or mandir, the first thing that comes to your mind is positive vibrations and a sense of purity. Now the question arises- How to decorate your Pooja Room keeping in mind the Vastu Shashtra? According to Vastu Shastra, the Pooja room must be located in the northeast direction(Ishan Kona) of the house. This corner is considered as a divine direction and governed by Lord Shiva.
Therefore, it is recommended to place your Pooja space and idol in the northeast corner, or else you can use the north or east direction as a second choice.


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Designing your Pooja Room

Here are some shared ideas for designing the Pooja Room and you can apply the same to design your Pooja Room in your house.

1. Color of the Walls

You must paint the walls of your Pooja Room in Pastel yellow or Light orange or Pastel blue that symbolizes the color of Sunlight which is filled with positiveness. Even white walls symbolizing peace and purity will go well in your pooja room.

2. Floor of the room

The floor of a pooja room looks ideal with white or off-white marble. If you wish to make rangolis, it will look more attractive on a white floor. If you prefer to sit on the floor during prayers you must add on some furnishings like decorative cushions and use them as a seat. Also, you may decorate your Pooja Room with matching floor coverings like cotton rugs and curtains.

3. Doors and Windows

The doors of the pooja ghar must be designed in a unique design, made of wood with carvings of bells and filigree work (the design never gets old), and decorate the doorway with various flowers like marigold, jasmine, lotus. You may also have a glass door with a motif design to give it a modern look.

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4. Add more decoratives

It is obvious to add some decoratives to your Pooja Room. Add small lamps(like ceiling lights or chandeliers) and brass bells to the ceiling of the room. The mandap where the idol is placed has to be decorated with flowers and LED fairy lights or backlights. The altar can be decorated with string lights and colorful artificial flowers.
Other must-have decoratives of a Pooja room are Diyas and candles. It is would be perfect if you decorate the pooja space with some beautiful lotus diyas.

5. Work on an attractive backdrop

Use print or emboss the background of the mandap and your deities with divine symbols like Om or Swastika. Or a simple design of leafy and flower patterns also works well to feature the plain altar.

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Vastu Tips you need to know for your Pooja Room

Vastu Shashtra is known as the science of architecture which is quite an ancient Indian system of architecture. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow the Vastu while building a new house to attract positivity and good luck.
At the beginning of the article, it is mentioned already that the Pooja room must be on the northeastern corner. Apart from that, there are few more things you need to know.

1. Structure

The top of the pooja space or pooja unit should be of a pyramid shape or a South Indian architecture style Gopura. The shape is believed to bring positiveness to the room. It is strictly advised not to build a pooja room next, below, or above a washroom/toilet and kitchen.

2. Texture and Color

The color and texture of the room must be pacifying and therefore must choose a consoling yet attractive colour as suggested above in the article. Try to avoid dark colors like red and black as they can give negative vibrations and distract your mind.

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3. Placing the Idol/Deties

The crucial element is placing your deity/deities in the right position. According to Vastu Shastra, you must place the idol in the northeast direction and away from the walls so that air can flow around freely and five or more inches above the ground level. They must not face each other and the door of the room. Never put any violent statues or paintings in or around the Pooja room.

4. Preserve sacred components correctly

There are many items that a pooja room has in store. They include holy books, bells, sandalwood, lamps, conch shell( shankh), incense, utensils, and more. These are to be stored in the south-eastern direction that will make sure the sunlight will flow naturally and there will be no hindrance to positive vibes. Make a shelf or separate drawers to keep the items safely. Use copper utensils and Kalash for water and do not place anything above the idols.

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5. Habits to maintain in Pooja room

Always face towards East or North while praying. Try not to place your pooja room inside your bedroom. But in the case of small flats or space, make sure you design it in such a way that it is placed in the northeast direction of your bedroom and your feet do not point towards the Pooja space. It would be better if you are using a room divider if you have a small space in your flat.






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